Spring workshop on electron-Nucleus Collider Physics
May 14, 2010

Center for Studies in Physics and Biology
The Rockefeller University , NYC

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Bill Marciano(BNL), Mark Strikman(Penn State) and Sebastian White(BNL)

Purpose of the workshop:

This meeting will focus on the physics which is, broadly, enabled by detection of the hadronic fragments very close to the direction of the outgoing ion beam.

This can encompass:
a. Any physics involving coherent scattering of the nucleus (nucleon), and by extension, pomeron structure functions or coherent J/psi production.
b. Forward beam fragmentation, which might involve large energy transfers but conceivably low momentum transfers.

This meeting brings together experts to discuss the potential of the electron ion collider for this physics.

Among the aims of our meeting are:
-to understand the extent to which energy constraints in the initial configurations of MeRHIC or MEIC, affect the potential for this physics.
- to understand the current constraints of the machine layout, the extent to which this limits exploitation of this physics, and possibly, how it might be adjusted to better suit our needs.